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Want a worry free method to pay your taxes?

The Town of NEMI offers pre-authorized payments for both taxes and utilities. These scheduled payments can be automatically withdrawn from your bank account on the first of each month. Please click HERE to access the pre-authorized payment form.

Please feel free to call the municipality if you require assistance, or would like more information regarding this payment option.

We also have a variety of payment methods for your convenience, including:

  • Online banking payments 
  • Telephone banking payments
  • You can also make your taxes, water and receivable payments at your local financial institution.
  • Online via MyTown- Credit Card and Debit Card payments are accepted using this method. 
  • Post dated cheques
  • Or you may drop off your payment in our Drop Box, located just outside our door. 

For additional assistance, please contact us at (705) 368-3500 and we will be happy to assist you.

Tax Rate Schedule by Wards

Click HERE to access the 2021 Tax Rate Schedule by Wards.

Click HERE to access the 2020 Tax Rate Schedule by Wards.

Click HERE to access the 2019 Tax Rate Schedule by Wards.

Click HERE to access the 2018 Tax Rate Schedule by Wards.

Click HERE to access the 2017 Tax Rate Schedule by Wards.

Click HERE to access the 2016 Tax Rate Schedule by Wards.

Try our tax calculator to see  your estimated tax levy.  Choose the rate based on your ward number.  Your ward number can be determined by looking at your tax bill:  Your roll number will look something like this  5119-010-XXX-XXXXX-XXXX,  5119-020-XXX-XXXXX-XXXX, 5119-030-XXX-XXXXX-XXXX, or 5119-040-XXX-XXXXX-XXXX, where 010/020/030/040 is your Ward number.  

If you are not yet a resident, or do not have a tax bill, Ward 1 consists of the property located in the islands - Ward 2 is the area located within the Town of Little Current boundaries, Ward 3 properties are those located on the outskirts of the Town of Little Current, including White's Point,  Hwy 6 to the Hydro building, and Hwy 540 to Boozeneck Road - Ward 4 encompasses all other properties outside of the Town of Little Current and outskirts.

If you are not sure of the Ward, give us a call and we can assist you in determining the applicable tax rate.

PLEASE NOTE, The information provided through the tax calculator is for estimate information only.  

Residential Ward 1

Current Tax Rates Tax Distribution
Municipal Tax Rate .00586605 ----
Education Tax Rate .00153000 ----
Total Estimated Taxes