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Business in NEMI

Doing Business with the Town 

We are strategically located on the North Channel of Lake Huron and are known to have “The Best Freshwater Boating in the World!” Our spectacular landscapes and breath-taking views add to the exceptional quality of life, including a very rich pool of knowledge and cultural influence from the surrounding First Nations and Aboriginal communities. Our skilled, cost-effective workforce and available development lands, potentially invite a diversified range of business and investment opportunities.

There are approximately 150 businesses in the Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands area across many different sectors including tourism, eco-tourism and agriculture. Additionally, there are numerous small and medium sized businesses specializing in many different fields.

Located on the shore of the North Channel, on the world’s largest fresh water island (Manitoulin), the Town of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands (NEMI) is a prime location for cultivating innovation and new business development. People here are creative, educated, loyal, and hardworking.

Little Current is only minutes from the Trans-Canada Highway, Canada’s main transportation corridor, and about one hour from Sudbury. Easy access to national and international markets, affordable housing, high-speed Internet and exceptional educational institutions make Little Current a logical choice to live, work, and play. Wouldn’t you want to do business here?

The area has a wide variety of social, recreational and cultural activities, including an increasingly successful annual country music festival known as Manitoulin Country Fest owned and operated by Manitoulin Radio. Adventure and eco-tourism thrive here, with phenomenal opportunities for growth in tourism in general. The affluent luxury pleasure craft market is growing, providing fuel for Little Current’s beautiful Town Docks and Spider Bay Marina; both located in downtown Little Current.

In the Town of NEMI you won’t be a stranger on a congested street. You will breathe fresh air, drink clean water, and your children will be safe playing with other children in a community that cherishes its quality of life. Services and amenities are nearby, and recreational activities are abundant. Come for a visit and see what NEMI has to offer. You may just stay for life!

If you are interested in learning about more opportunities for your business, expanding your current business or re-locating to NEMI, contact our Economic Development Officer- Heidi Ferguson at
(705) 368-3500 ext. 230