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Waste & Recycling

NEMI Landfill

The NEMI Landfill is located at 9471 Highway 6, just outside of Little Current. 

Under our Certificate of Approval with the MOE, use of the NEMI Landfill is restricted to NEMI taxpayers and Sheguiandah First Nation residents only. We reserve the right to request identification from any person(s) accessing the site to verify residency. 

All other visitors will be asked to leave the site along with their refuse.

Landfill Hours of Operation

Sundays10am-5pm (from 3rd Sunday in May to 3rd Sunday in October only)

Landfill Fees
Unless previously authorized, all tipping fees shall be payable in cash at the time of delivery to the landfill site. Rates updated March 2023.

White Goods (tanks)$14.00
Household Furniture (including mattresses)$14.00
Mounted Tire Surcharge (on rim)$15.00
1/2 ton truck/trailer$10.00
1 ton truck/trailer$50.00
Large truck/trailer$150.00
Construction Debris
1/2 ton truck/trailer$33.00
1 ton truck/trailer$98.00
Large truck/trailer$192.00
Landfill Gate Opening
During Business Hours$80.00
After Business Hours$200.00
Commercial Bin Pick-up Ward 3 & 4$75.00
Commercial Bin Pick-up  Extra (Ward 2)$75.00
Sewage Disposal$50.00

PUBLIC NOTICE – Effective Immediately


 We have noticed an increasing amount of recycling included in the regular household garbage and we would like to remind everyone of the rules of our landfill and pick up process.

Only garbage in clear garbage bags will be picked up or accepted at the landfill

Only bags free of recycling will be picked up or accepted at the landfill

Only bags less than 40lbs will be picked up


Please remember to recycle, it saves money and the environment

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office


Waste & Recycling
Garbage Pick-up

Garbage pick-up occurs each Friday (unless otherwise notified). Please have your garbage to the curb by 7am to ensure that it is picked up.

Only garbage in clear garbage bags free of recycling will be picked up. Garbage Bag Tags are no longer required.

Recycling Instructions:

The NEMI Landfill recycles plastics 1 through 6!! Please click HERE for more information about this program.

Ever wonder what can and cannot be recycled???

Here are some pointers to keep in mind when filling up your blue box!

Place beside your box:

Newspapers, magazines, household fine paper, catalogs and telephone books
• Includes advertising inserts and glossy flyers • Includes advertising inserts and glossy flyers • Photocopied paper and envelopes, NO carbon tissue • Keep newspaper separate from cardboard • Bag and place beside your blue box

Corrugated Cardboard
• Includes advertising inserts and glossy flyers • Layered cardboard boxes with a ripple between the layers • Keep newspaper separated from cardboard • Flatten and bundle (no larger than 30″x 30″x 18″

Box board
• Cereal, detergent, shoe boxes, etc. Remove liners, flatten and stuff into a box board box • Cardboard and box board can be placed together • Place beside your blue box

Place inside your box:

Glass bottles and jars only
• Clear and colored food and beverage containers only • Remove lids and place in garbage •Glass to be kept separate please.

Metal food and beverage containers
• Steel and aluminum food and beverage cans • Aluminum trays and foil • Steel lids or jar lids can be placed with metal food products • Rinse and remove lids or push into cans • Place loose into your Blue Box

Plastic Bottles and jars
• Containers that are marked on the side or the bottom • Plastic pop bottles, water bottles, soap, anti-freeze, laundry detergent or javex bottles • Plastic lids should be put into the garbage • Containers must have screw top lids (no tubs) e.g. margarine or yogurt containers • Place loose in your Blue Box.

Aseptic and Gable Tops
• Aseptic and gable top containers are the waxed juice box containers and the juice containers, such as orange juice or milk containers that come to a peak at the top of the jug • These containers are to be rinsed out and placed into the commingled blue box container

• Keep materials separated and put out your Blue Box only when it is full • If so desired, you can separate products in your Blue Box with newspaper or magazines

Please click here for a copy of the 2024 NEMI Recycling Calendar.