By 1880, Little Current, or “Petite Current” as it was known by the voyageurs, was well recognized as the “Gateway Port” to the Manitoulin Island and a critical stop-over point for refueling and re-supplying water traffic on the Great Lakes. To this day, the Little Current waterfront has been the life-blood of the community and the key to its economic success. The rich marine history of Little Current has continued to present day where the 560 meters of town docks continue to host hundreds of boats (both power and sail) every year. In 1998, the Town of Little Current was amalgamated with the Township of Howland and the McGregor Bay area to form the municipality that we now know as the Town of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands. The Town of NEMI employs approximately 22 fulltime, 6 seasonal and part-time, and up to 15 summer students in the administration and provision of services to the community. The Chief Administrative Officer is responsible for all day-to-day operations and reports directly to the Mayor and eight Councillors. Administrative services are provided from the Main Office at 14 Water Street East (Post Office Building) in the Town of Little Current. Public works operates out of two separate locations, one in Little Current and the other in the Hamlet of Sheguiandah. In addition, Community Services function out of the Recreation Centre that is located at 9001 Highway 6, just south of Little Current.

Happily Ever Active - FREE 1 Month GYM membership for individuals 55 years+ Contact Kristin 705-368-3500 ext. 230 *limited memberships available

Weekly Skating at The NEMI REC. Centre


The Municipal Office has moved locations. We are now located at:
14 Water Street East (Post Office Building)
Our mailing address has also changed. All mail correspondence can be sent to:
Town of NEMI P0. Box 608 Little Current, ON P0P 1K0.

The Town has initiated an Age-Friendly Action Plan to ensure that our residents are healthy, active, socially engaged, and have the support they need as they age. NEMI is providing opportunities for individuals, community organizations and other stakeholders to have input into the Plan.

Please check Age Friendly Community Plan for updates as they become available.




About our Museum…


Manitoulin East Municipal Airport…

Swing Bridge

The Little Current…

Driving Directions

There are three…

Manitoulin Tourist Association

Manitoulin Tourism Association…



With funding assistance from the Province of Ontario, the Town of NEMI has initiated an Age Friendly Community Plan to ensure that our residents are healthy, active, socially engaged, and have the support they need as they age. NEMI is providing opportunities for individuals, community organizations and other stakeholders to have input into the Plan. The key questions to be addressed in the consultation are as follows:

  • How age friendly is NEMI now?
  • What issues, constraints and needs are faced by the community in terms of being age friendly?
  • What can be done to make NEMI more age friendly in both the short and long terms?
  • What are the priorities of the community with respect to future action and resource commitments?

Please check back to this page for updates as the plan is being developed!


Anglican Church
10 Robinson St. Little Current
(705) 368-3036

Anglican Church Rectory
12 Vankoughet St. Little Current
(705) 368-3063

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
9050 Hwy. 6 Little Current
(705) 368-1974

Gateway to Life Church
22 Vankoughnet St. E. Little Current
(705) 368-3739

Grace Bible Church
Draper St. E. Little Current
(705) 368-3208

Sheguiandah United Church
Townline Rd. Sheguiandah
(705) 368-2087

St. Bernard’s Roman Catholic Church
19 Hayward St. Little Current
(705) 368-2034

United Church of Canada
Robinson St. Little Current
(705) 368-2941



Our Community’s Public Library is located at 50 Meredith Street West in Little Current.

Its collection includes 13,000 volumes, a reference section and a variety of periodicals, as well as special children’s area. It also has a Community Access Portal to the internet, featuring five workstations.

Photocopying, faxing and laminating are available for a fee. Located adjacent to the Library is a small park with children’s playground.


Jake Marion, Librarian

P.O. Box 790
Little Current, Ontario
P0P 1K0
Telephone (705) 368-2444
Fax (705) 368-0708
or email us at


The Town of NEMI owns and maintains several cemeteries throughout the municipality including Holy Trinity Anglican Cemetery, Mountain View Cemetery, St. Bernard’s Catholic Cemetery, Coldsprings Cemetery, Green Bay Cemetery, Elmview Cemetery and The Skippen Cemetery.

For more information, please contact Pam Cress, Clerk at (705) 368-3500 ext. 228.


The Town of NEMI has an Emergency Management Plan with copies available at both the Municipal Office and the NEMI Public Library to the public. Please click HERE for a copy of the Emergency Management Plan.


Welcome to our Public Works department!

The public works department operates out of two locations, on in Little Current and the other in Sheguiandah.

Our public works department works hard at ensuring that…

  • The municipality’s infrastructure is in top shape
  • construction projects are moving forward
  • roadways are safe for our residents and visitors
  • landfill and garbage pick-up move smoothly and effectively
  • roadways are safe and plowed in the winter months
  • residents enjoy reliable water and wastewater systems
  • much, much, more

If you would like to contact our public works department, please call the following phone numbers.

Little Current Public Works – (705) 368-2093
Sheguiandah Public Works – (705) 368-2270




As of JUNE 1st, 2011 We Recycle Plastics 1 through 6!! Please click HERE for more information about this program.
Please click HERE for the 2016 Recycling Schedule.
Ever wonder what can and cannot be recycled???
Here are some pointers to keep in mind when filling up your blue box!


Newspapers, magazines, household fine paper, catalogues and telephone books
• Includes advertising inserts and glossy flyers • Includes advertising inserts and glossy flyers • Photocopied paper and envelopes, NO carbon tissue • Keep newspaper separate from cardboard • Bag and place beside your blue box

Corrugated Cardboard
• Includes advertising inserts and glossy flyers • Layered cardboard boxes with a ripple between the layers • Keep newspaper separated from cardboard • Flatten and bundle (no larger than 30″x30″x18″

• Cereal, detergent, shoe boxes, etc. Remove liners, flatten and stuff into a boxboard box • Cardboard and boxboard can be placed together • Place beside your blue box


Glass bottles and jars only
• Clear and coloured food and beverage containers only • Remove lids and place in garbage • Place loose on Blue Box

Metal food and beverage containers
• Steel and aluminium food and beverage cans • Aluminium trays and foil • Steel lids or jar lids can be placed with metal food products • Rinse and remove lids or push into cans • Place loose into your Blue Box

Plastic Bottles and jars
• Containers that are marked on the side or the bottom • Plastic pop b bottles, water bottles, soap, anti-freeze, laundry detergent or javex bottles • Plastic lids should be put into the garbage • Containers must have screw top lids (no tubs) e.g. margarine or yogurt containers • Place loose in your Blue Box

Aseptic and Gable Tops
• Aseptic and gable top containers are the waxed juice box containers and the juice containers, such as orange juice or milk containers that come to a peak at the top of the jug • These containers are to be rinsed out and placed into the commingled blue box container

• Keep materials separated and put out your Blue Box only when it is full • If so desired, you can separate products in your Blue Box with newspaper or magazines


The NEMI Recreation Centre Has Great Spaces Available For Your Next Event:

  • Main Hall
  • Kitchen
  • Lion’s Den
  • Curling Lounge
  • Arena Floor Spaces

For Available Dates and Bookings, Please Contact Recreation Centre Staff
(705) 368-2825 or email

Municipal Park and Park Structure Rental Rates

Category Half Day Full Day
Not for Profit Activity $25.00 + GST $50.00 + GST
Private Activity $50.00 + GST $100.00 + GST
Commercial Activity N/A $300.00 + GST

Additional Costs: (For Municipal Staff)

– Set-up/Clean-up (tables & chairs) $50.00
– Transport chairs to site and back $50.00
–  Deposit due: To secure your booking
– Balance due: On the day of your event (or the Friday prior if event is on a weekend)
– Cancellation: No refund will be given on cancellations of less than 30 days notice; otherwise, a full refund will be given.


The Town of NEMI is lucky to have such an extensive list of community groups and organizations all working together to make our Town a better place to live and visit!

Please refer to the list below for our community groups and their contact information. If your group is not on this list, please email with your group and contact information!

Bay of Islands Association
Scott Boatman
(303) 886-1582 (cell)

Canadian cancer Society
Lois Ann Lanktree
(705) 368-3006

Channel View Drop-in Centre
Bill Martin
(705) 368-3355

Community Services Advisory Committee
Melissa Peters

Current Quilt and Stitchery
Bonnie Cook

Eastern Star
Elaine Moore

First NEMI Sparks
Brownies and Guides
Melanie Cortes
(705) 368-0505

Gateway To Life Church
Bob Jewell

Grace Bible Church
Paul Vankesteren
(705) 368-3208

Grass Roots Garden Club
Jean Narozanski

Green Bay Hall
Leigh Cranston
(705) 368-1652

Hawberry Hoedowners Square
Dance Club
Bruce Gibson
(705) 368-3613

Haweater Unit of the Sudbury Shrine Club
Brian Martin
(705) 368-0838

Heart and Stroke Foundation
Mary Ellen Bailey

Holy Trinity Anglican Church
Joanne Wade

Howland Seniors Club
Dale Wood
(705) 368-2855

Library Outreach
Marian Barnett
(705) 368-2037

Little Current Downtown BIA
Debby Turner
(705) 368-2150

Little Current Cruisers Net
Roy Eaton

Little Current Curling Club
Irene Callaghan

Little Current Fire Department Association
Darren Bailey
(705) 368-3173

Little Current Fish and Game Club

Little Current-Howland Skating Club
Pat Wood

Little Current Lions Club
Bruce Burnett
(705) 368-3163

Little Current Minor Hockey
Brock Size
(705) 368-2393

Little Current United Church
Rev. Faye Stevens
(705) 368-0835

Little Current Yacht Club
Lianne Masson
(705) 368-3255

MADD Manitoulin Island
1 (800) 665-6233 ext 243

Manitoulin Community Fitness Centre
Kerrene Tilson
(705) 368-2744

Manitoulin Genealogy Club
Nonna Hughson
(705) 368-3416

Manitoulin Health Centre Auxiliary
Laila Kiviaho
(705) 368-2580

Manitoulin Ice Angels

Manitoulin Nordic Ski Club
Kerrene Tilson

Manitoulin Panthers
Terry Jarmovitch
(705) 282-3117

Manitoulin Pickleball Club
Dave Hall
(705) 368-2803

Manitoulin Rocks Run Club
Steven Fessenden
(705) 368-2662

Manitoulin Tourism Association
David Sylvester
(705) 368-3021

Little Current Public School
(705) 368-2932

Manor Auxiliary
Nancy Bryce
(705) 368-0077

Masons Doric Lodge 11455
Michael Maciuk
(705) 368-1970

McGregor Bay Association
Gillian Woodrooffe
(734) 424-2844

Museum Advisory Committee
Georgie Hari
(705) 368-2308

NEMI Farmers Market
Ken Ferguson

NEMI Public Library
Judy Kift
(705) 368-2444

NEMI Soccer
Mark Volpini
(705) 368-1714

NEMI Taxpayers Association
Irene Callaghan
(705) 368-3625

Rainbow Country Cruisers Classic Car Club
Roy Knobel
(705) 368-1326

Rockville Hall
Carol Sheppard
(705) 377-4923

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 177
Luc Noel
(705) 368-0015

Royal Canadian Legion Ladies Auxiliary
Georgina Lovelace
(705) 368-2206

Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps #348
Dennis Blake
(705) 368-2031

St. Bernard’s Catholic Church
Giselle Ferro
(705) 368-3066

Tickelbone Theatre
Judith Martin
(705) 368-0446

Shara Hicks
(705) 859-3378

Warmhearts – Manitoulin Palliative
Anne Elliott

100.7 The Island
KT Timmermans
(705) 368-1419


The Town of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands (NEMI) contracts the services of the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) to provide operations and maintenance services for municipal drinking water and wastewater facilities.

Please click HERE to access the Services Agreement between the Town of NEMI and OCWA.

Safe Water Drinking Act
Please click HERE to access the Safe Water Drinking Act, 2002 Ontario Regulation 170/03

Please click HERE to access the Municipal Drinking Water Licence for the Little Current Drinking Water System
Please click HERE to access the Drinking Water Works Permit for the Little Current Drinking Water System

Please click HERE to access the Municipal Drinking Water Licence for the Sheguiandah Drinking Water System
Please click HERE to access the Drinking Water Works Permit for the Sheguiandah Drinking Water System

*Full documents including licences and schedules are available at the Municipal Office
*Sample results from the Little Current Drinking Water System and the Sheguiandah Drinking Water System are available at the Municipal Office

14 Water St. East
Little Current, ON


Rainbow District Animal Control and Shelter Services

The Town of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands contracts out Animal Control Services to Rainbow District Animal Control.

Rainbow District Animal Control and Shelter Services is responsible for stray or nuisance dogs (and their owners) in the town of NEMI.
Please call to report roaming dogs, if you have found a dog, or to report anyone who is allowing their dog to be a nuisance to others.

(705) 673-DOGS (3647).
Or Toll Free at 1800-836-6661
8:30 AM – 6 PM, 7 days a week*
*After hours service on Statutory Holidays!

After Hours:
For concerns regarding injured stray dogs, or situations where a dog is a threat to public safety;
Call one of the above numbers and press 1 for emergencies.
For all other emergencies call 9-1-1
Lost and found reports may be placed anytime by anyone on our on line on our PetLynx AnimalTRACS™ Recovery System.
2013 Dog Licenses are available!

Click HERE for a copy of the pet license application form


North Channel Marine Tourism Council

North Channel Marine…

Spider Bay Marina

Spider Bay Marina…

Downtown Docks

Downtown Docks The…

What’s New

What’s New Linear…

Marine Services

Marine Services The…

Port of Little Current

Port of Little…


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Doing Business with the Town

Located on the shore of the North Channel, on the world’s largest fresh water island (Manitoulin), the Town of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands (NEMI) is a prime location for cultivating innovation and new business development. People here are creative, educated, loyal, and hardworking.

Little Current is only minutes from the Trans-Canada Highway, Canada’s main transportation corridor, and about one hour from Sudbury. Easy access to national and international markets, affordable housing, high-speed Internet and exceptional educational institutions make Little Current a logical choice to live, work, and play. Wouldn’t you want to do business here?

The area has a wide variety of social, recreational and cultural activities, including an increasingly successful annual country music festival. Adventure and eco-tourism thrive here, with phenomenal opportunities for growth in tourism in general. The affluent luxury pleasure craft market is growing, providing fuel for Little Current’s beautiful Town Docks and Spider Bay Marina; both located in downtown Little Current.

In the Town of NEMI you won’t be a stranger on a congested street. You will breathe fresh air, drink clean water, and your children will be safe playing with other children in a community that cherishes its quality of life. Services and amenities are nearby, and recreational activities are abundant. Come for a visit and see what NEMI has to offer. You may just stay for life!

Beautiful downtown location overlooking the North Channel. Includes a main

reception area and 3 offices, totaling approx. 630 square feet.
Please contact 705-368-3500 ext 224 for more information and viewing.

We are strategically located on the North Channel of Lake Huron and are known to have “The Best Freshwater Boating in the World!” Our spectacular landscapes and breath-taking views add to the exceptional quality of life, including a very rich pool of knowledge and cultural influence from the surrounding First Nations and Aboriginal communities. Our skilled, cost-effective workforce and available development lands, potentially invite a diversified range of business and investment opportunities.

There are approximately 164 businesses in the Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands area across many different sectors including tourism, eco-tourism and agriculture. Additionally, there are numerous small and medium sized businesses specializing in many different fields.


Ferguson Aggregate
65 Green Bay Rd.
(707) 368-2338

Licensed Designer & Installers of Filter & Septic Systems. Both Commercial and Residential, Excavation & Rock Breaking, Road Building, Waterlines, Landscaping, Screened Topsoil, Sand, Gravel,Backhoe, Bulldozer, Trucks

Grocery and Etc.

Country Corks
469 North Channel Drive
(705) 368-1787

GG’s Foodland
Meredith St. E

Garlic Patch Farm & Bed and Breakfast
Old Hwy. 68, Sheguiandah
(705) 368-2887

Hayden’s Meats & Confectionery
10 Manitowaning Rd.
(705) 368-2633

K & T Comer Store
33 Vankoughnet St. E
(705) 368-0057

17 Manitowaning Rd.
(705) 368-2483

The Beer Store
Meredith St. E
(705) 368-2011

The Fish Store
54 Vankoughnet St. E
(705) 368-3755

40 Meredith St. E
(705) 368-0617


Boyle Marina
(705) 368-2239

Harbor Vue Marina
(705) 368-3212

Port of Little Current
(705) 368-1725

Spider Bay Marina
(705) 368-3148

Wally’s Dock Service
(705) 368-2370

Real Estate

Chris Reid Real Estate Brokerage
(705) 282-1615

Coldwell Banker

J.A. Rolston Ltd. Real Estate Brokerage
26 Meredith St. E

J. James Bousquet Realty Inc., Brokerage
24 Water St.
1-800-368-6855 or (705) 368-2271

McLaughlin Manitoulin Inc.
(705) 282-3196

Peter Flanagan Real Estate Brokerage
(705) 282-3107

Remax Crown Realty

Royal LePage
(705) 688-0007


Classic School of Dance
c/o Maja Mielonen
(705) 377-4471

Discovery Yacht Charters
Water St. E
(705) 368-3744

Honora Bay Riding Stable
Honora Bay,
off Hwy. 540
(705) 368-6032

Lakeshore Excursions
1 Water St.


Anchor Inn Bar & Grill
Water St. E
(705) 368-2023

China City
2 Meredith St. E
(705) 368-1234

Dockside Dairy Bar
Water St. W

Edgewater on the Dock
1 Water St. W

Garry’s Family Restaurant
Manitowaning Rd.
(705) 368-3370

Green Acres Restaurant & Tent and Trailer Park
Hwy. 6, Sheguiandah
(705) 368-2428

Loco Beanz Coffee House
7 Water St. E
(705) 368-2261

Micky T’s Fish & Chips
60 Meredith St. E

One Stop Island Pizza
41 Walcot St.
(705) 368-3424

Red Lodge Resort
RR1 Sheguiandah
(705) 368-3843

Shaftsbury Inn
19 Robinson St.
(705) 368-1945

The Old English Pantry
13 Water St. E
(705) 368-3341

3 Cows & a Cone
Meredith St. E
(705) 368-3524

Service Stations

ACME Motors
(705) 368-2823

Annett’s Automotive
35 Water St. E
(705) 368-2800

Har-Cor Motors
Green Bay
(705) 368-1168

Highway 6 Service Centre
(Moore’s Auto)
(705) 368-3111

Hilltop Shell
26 Manitowaning Rd.
(705) 368-3234

Manitoulin Fuels
Vankoughnet E
(705) 368-2421

NBS Auto
89 Manitowaning Rd.
(705) 368-1307

TC Automotive and Marine
44 Gammie Rd.
(705) 368-1657


Boarderline Board Shop
11 Water St. East
(705) 368-2223

Breakaway Sports
11 Water St. E
(705) 368-3841

Dreamer’s Cove
5 Water St. E
(705) 368-1722

Guardian Pharmacy
41 Meredith St. E
(705) 368-2530

Hawberry Florist
34 Blake St. E
(705) 368-1100

KuKu Hut
15 Water St. E.
(705) 368-2791

Laidley Stationary & Office Furniture
34 Manitowwaning Rd
(705) 368-2525

Lovelace Welding Fabrication & Sales
8751A Hwy 6 S.
(705) 368-3112

Needle Box
26 Water St. E.
(705) 368-3010

Rain Barrel
15 Campbell St. E.
(705) 368-1503

Redbow Flooring & Wall Fashions
67 Manitowaning Rd.
(705) 368-2443

Seamless Eavestrough Limited
57 Vankoughnet E.
(705) 368-1085

Snappy’s Furniture & Appliances
12164 Hwy#6
(705) 368-2377

The Villager Giftshop
19 Campbell St. E.
(705) 368-0869

The Villager Outdoors
50 Meredith St. E.
(705) 368-0211

Tim’s & Co. Rona Building Centre
1 Vankoughnet St. E.
(705) 368-2090

Treasure Cove Gallery
Water St. W.
(705) 368-1205

Turners of Little Current
17 Water St. E.
(705) 368-2150

Water Street Bakery
15 Water St. E
(705) 368-1888

“The Voice of Business Providing Leadership, Service, Education and Communication in Making Manitoulin Prosper.”


The Manitoulin Chamber of Commerce presently represents well over 200 businesses – a figure that they are proud of considering their birth was only back in 1994.

The Community Development Corporation (CDC) is a community based non–profit organization that is governed by a local volunteer board of directors. The volunteer Board of Directors consists of community minded individuals who represent the Town of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands.

These individuals are committed stakeholders within the community who enjoy the quality of life here and want to contribute to the economic and social health of our area. The objective of this corporation is “to promote community economic development with the co-operation and participation of the community by encouraging, facilitating and supporting community strategic planning and increasing self reliance, investment and job creation within the community”.

More specifically, the CDC works with individuals, businesses and community partners to facilitate the creation and maintenance of jobs and to build healthy, sustainable communities. The CDC works with individuals and groups to:

  • Encourage and support small businesses
  • Encourage involvement, forward looking vision and positive outlook
  • Plan and facilitate action regarding changes, which will affect the municipality

The Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands Community Development Corporation has been in existence since May of 2000.

Current topics being tackled by this group include:

  • Cultural Attractions
  • Green Energy and Agricultural
  • Sheguiandah Development
  • Swing Bridge
  • Brownfields
  • Source Water Protection
  • Marketing

For more information about the CDC, or to get involved in these initiatives, please contact Pam Cress (Town of NEMI, Clerk) at or 705-368-3500.



NEMI Municipal Building is located at:
14 Water Street East
P0. Box 608
Little Current, ON
P0P 1K0

Phone: 705-368-3500
Fax: 705-368-2245

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm

**Please note that names, addresses, contact information and etc. of correspondence sent to the municipality will become public information**

Administrative Fees

Category Costs
Tax Certificate $65.00
Tax Certificate, expediate same day $80.00
Letter of Compliance $65.00
Letter of Tolerance $65.00
Duplicate Tax Receipt
NSF Cheque Charge $45.00
Zoning By-Law Reproduction $45.00
Photocopies (HST Included)
Up to 25 copies $0.30
Over 25 copies $0.15
Fax Transmission (HST included)
Sent $8.00
Received $8.00
Licenses- Marriage $90.00
Business Hours $125.00
After Hours $200.00
Weekends $300.00
License- Hawkers & Peddlers
Hawker/Peddler (non-resident) $535.00
Hawker/Peddler (resident) $215.00
Vending Placement on Town Property $400.00
Table & Chair Set (sidewalk) $189.00
Deck (sidewalk) $1081.50
License- Dog
Dog License Fee $20.00
For Senior Citizens (over 65 years of age) $10.00
Late Renewals
Renewal license Applications after Feb. 15 $10.00 added
Seeing Eye Dog no charge
Hearing Ear Dog no charge
Replacement Tag $2.50
Transfer $2.50
Taxi Cab Operations
Annual (Initial) $292.00
Annual (renewal) $146.00
Seasonal (initial) $176.00
Seasonal (renewal) $88.00
Taxi Driver
Annual (initial) $30.00
Annual (renewal) $30.00
Municipal Gateway Sign
Peak Season (June 1-September 15) Per Week $100.00
Off Season (September 16-May 31) Per Week $50.00
Dockage (Rural)
Seasonal Rate $500.00
Signage (plus HST)
Spider Bay (2’x4′) $350.00
Rec Center (Wall) $350.00
Rec Center (Rink Board) $350.00
Downtown Sign Board (for 3 Years) $450.00



Town of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands


Contractor Prequalification

The Town of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands is implementing a prequalification process for all contractors who perform maintenance task for the Municipality. Prequalification will focus mainly on Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, Masonry and Heating and Ventilation.

Please click HERE to access the Prequalification Form and return to the Municipality by mail:
14 Water St, East
PO Box 608
Little Current, ON
P0P 1K0
or fax:
(705) 368-2245


Residents of the Town of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands

OVERNIGHT PARKING ON MUNICIPAL STREETS OR ROADS All owners and persons in charge of motor vehicles are hereby notified that NO PARKING is allowed on the streets or roads between the hours of 2:00a.m. and 7:00 a.m. This is to allow for snow removal. No person shall push or deposit snow on or across any roadways or streets within the Municipality. No person shall park in School Bus or Snowplow Turnarounds at any time. Any vehicles in contravention of this notice will be removed at the owner’s risk and the cost charged to the owner. Effective: Annually November 1 to March 31ST The Town of NEMI has contracted towing services from ‘First Towing’ for the winter months. As per our winter parking By-Law, offenders may be towed.

Contact information is as follows:
By-Law Enforcement – 705-368-6251
First Towing – 705-282-7014, 1741 Wikwemikong Way, Wikwemikong ON

Town of NEMI Municipal By-Laws

Although the Town of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands (NEMI) makes every effort to ensure that the material/information provided is current and accurate, the Town of NEMI cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy of this information, nor is it responsible for any expenses or damages incurred directly or indirectly resulting from the use of this information.
This data is for informational purposes only and should not be used for legal, engineering, or surveying purposes. This data is for the user’s own internal business and personal purposes. If a formal certification or legal document is required, please contact the municipality to attain a tax certificate/letter of compliance/letter of tolerance/etc.

* Please Note* For updated schedule of fees attached with by-laws, please call the Town Office at 705-368-3500 or 705-368-6251(c), or visit the department webpage for the updated fees.

Policies and Procedures

*Please Note*
New By-Law Enforcement for Parking/Traffic Violations in the Town of NEMI
The Town of NEMI has hired a new by-law enforcement officer that is responsible for traffic and parking violations. If your vehicle has been towed, please contact ‘First Towing’ at (705) 282-7014 to pay the appropriate charges and redeem your vehicle.

First Towing

Mike Wabano or Lyle Peltier
1741 Wikwemikong Way, Wikwemikong ON


Looking for a worry free method to pay your taxes and utilities?

The Town of NEMI offers preauthorized payments for both taxes and utilities. These scheduled payments can be automatically withdrawn from your bank account on the first of each month. Please click HERE to access the preauthorized payment form.

Please feel free to call the municipality if you require assistance, or would like more information regarding this payment option.

Town of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands
14 Water Street East
P0. Box 608
Little Current, ON

General Municipal Forms

Application for a Permit to Construct or Demolish
Application for Entrance Permits


Click HERE to view the 2014 financial statements for the Town of NEMI

Click HERE to view the Town of NEMI’s Asset Management Plan

If you have any questions regarding these documents, please feel free to contact the Municipality at
(705) 368-3500 or


Town of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands

Municipal Staff

Municipal Office – General 705.368.3500

  • David Williamson, CAO Ext. 224
  • Pam Cress, Clerk Ext. 228
  • Sheryl Wilkin, Treasurer Ext. 222
  • Gerry Strong, Chief Building Official Ext. 223
  • Brenda Hawke, Taxes and Utilities Ext. 225
  • Debilyn Jordan, Accounts Receivable Ext. 229
  • Connie Gammie, Accounts Payable Ext. 221
  • Clinton Burnett, Municipal Accounting Intern Ext. 226
  • Kristin Luoma, Economic Development Officer Ext. 230
  • Heidi Ferguson, Events Coordinator and Museum Curator 705.368.2367
  • Gary May, Manager of Public Works 705.368.2093
  • Reid Taylor, Facilities Manager 705.368.2825


Town General –

Direct e-mail to staff – use their 1st initial and last name, then

Municipal Telephone Directory

  • Spider Bay Marina 705.368.3148
  • Little Current Docks 705.368.1725
  • NEMI Recreation Centre 705.368.2825
  • Manitoulin East Municipal Airport 705.859.3009
  • Centennial Museum 705.368.2367
  • Library 705.368.2444


Town of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands

Official Plan Process

Building Controls Department

The Town of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands is in the process of drafting a new Official Plan. The Draft Plan is available here:
Draft OP text
Draft OP Schedule A – Urban Map
Draft OP Schedule B – Rural Map
Draft OP Schedule C – Islands Map

If you have comments on the Draft Official Plan, please send them to:

A public Open House was held on August 20, 2015 to update residents on the process, provide copies of the draft plan, answer questions, and receive comments. Notice was posted in the Manitoulin Expositor. Copy of the Notice is HERE.

Following the Open House, the Town will review comments from the public, other stakeholders, and provincial ministries. The Town may revise the OP prior to a Public Meeting for Council Adoption. Notices and updated drafts will be posted here on the Town’s website. The final plan will be provided to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing for approval.

Town of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands Zoning By-laws

Little Current Area – Zoning By-law 2002-31

Zoning By-law 2002-31 Text
Zoning By-law 2002-31 Schedule

Rural Area – Zoning By-law 2002-32

Zoning By-law 2002-32 Text
Zoning By-law 2002-32 Schedule A Map

Schedule A

Schedule B

Please contact the municipal office for detailed schedules for the rural area.

NEMI’s Building Controls Department is available to advise you on what’s required to comply with the Ontario Building Code and local zoning rules. NEMI’s Chief Building Official, Gerry Strong can be reached at (705) 368-3500 ext. 223 or by email at

Please click HERE for Application for a Permit to Construct or Demolish (pdf)

Building Permit Fees

New Buildings $12/$1,000 (Minimum $1,200.00)
Additional & Structural Renovations $12/$1,000 (Minimum of $400.00)
Building Permit Renewals $50.00
Demolition/Moving Permit $50.00
Accessory Building $12/$1,000 (Minimum of $200)
Residential Garage $12/$1,000 (Minimum of $400)
Wind Turbine > 3kW only $3,000/turbine
Concrete Bases $400
(Supporting solar panels in excess of 10m2)

Decks $12/$1,000 (Minimum of $100)


Hayward St. Residential lots available for Sale. Fully serviced (water & sewer) lots. Nice location in the South Western part of Little Current. Views of the LaCloche Mountains and surrounding countryside. Close to several amenities including public school, shopping, churches and library. These lots are currently listed with J.J. Bousquet Real Estate & Rolstons Reality. Descriptions are available online. Please click on J.J. Bousquet Real Estate or Rolston’s Reality to view their websites or call (705) 368-2271 or (705) 368-2381. Or you may contact the Municipal Office for more information.

Sheryl Wilkin, Treasurer
Town of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands

14 Water Street East
P0. Box 608
P0P 1K0

Phone: (705) 368-3500
Fax: (705) 368-2245


There are currently no employment opportunities with the Town of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands (NEMI). Please check this site, as well as the local newspaper; the Manitoulin Expositor for postings as they become available.

Thank you for your interest in our municipality!